Conwy Beekeepers - Membership Form

Membership subscription for 1st January to 31st December 2021

PLEASE NOTE: Membership renewal is due in January 2021 and members will be seen to have lapsed if they have not paid by 1st March. There may be an administration charge for late renewals.

New members may join as and when they can and will not incur an extra charge.

This membership form is to be completed in full by both new and renewing members.









Membership Type:
Full Member £22.00
Family Member £26.00

New member or renewal:
New member

Membership Fee:

Donation: Bees are a gateway to the wider world of pollinating insects and biodiversity. Please add a donation to your membership for Conwy Beekeepers to supply starter kits and bees to help some local schools. We will keep you posted on our progress.

Membership of Conwy Beekeepers includes Bee Disease Insurance (BDI) on three (3) colonies. Additional insurance may be purchased as per the table below - please check the appropriate box for the number of colonies including nucs you expect to have during the year.
Full terms and conditions of BDI may be found at

0-3 £0 (included as part of your association membership)
4-5 £2.00
6-10 £5.25
11-15 £7.75
16-20 £9.50
21-25 £11.10
26-30 £13.60

Bee Disease Insurance:

Will you help a new beekeeper near you?

Will you help at Tal y Cafn with instructing?

Will you help at Tal y Cafn with gardening / tree work?

Will you help on the traffic barrier at the Conwy Honey Fair / Seed Fair?

Will you give talks to local non-beekeeping groups?

Would you like to be on our list of swarm collectors?

Would you be prepared to help in the kitchen at our monthly meeting?


By clicking the submit button you agree that details necesary for your membership will be kept in our database of members.

Data Protection Act 23rd May 2018

We keep your contact details on our database of members. We give members' contact details to the following third parties/organisations only:

  • Local Seasonal Bee Inspector for the specific purpose of improving disease control.
  • Welsh Beekeepers' Association for the purposes of insurance and magazine distribution.
  • Bee Diseases Insurance Ltd for the purpose of insurance.